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What Kinds of Tampa Businesses Need a Security System?

Aug 15

Having a security system in Tampa, FL set up for your business provides security not only for you, but also for your employees, and your residents.  Not having any sort of security system in Tampa, FL leaves everyone open to harm from those people who don’t know right from wrong.

Apartment Complexes 

The owner of an apartment complex may not think too much about security systems since each apartment has its own security setup.  But there are other areas in an apartment complex where security equipment can keep your residents safe outside their apartments.

Having Securiteam security systems can install a Tampa business surveillance system in the parking lot of your apartment complex that will save a lot of grief. Having surveillance cameras set up to video the entire lot and cars will deter people who want to smash car windows and steal valuables from cars.  Having surveillance cameras set up in dark corners of stairwells and access points will make your tenants feel much safer as well.

If your complex has a gym or a pool, it’s important to have Securiteam security systems set up business security systems Tampa to make sure that only your residents are using the gym or the pool.  Having people from outside the complex can cause more problems than you can imagine.  If a non-resident gets hurt it even leaves you open to a lawsuit.


Another Tampa business that needs top-notch security is a hospital.  Securiteam knows that proper Tampa access control installation in a hospital can not only make the hospital safer but also can reduce operating costs.  

HPPA and Drugs 

All healthcare facilities are required to comply with HIPPA laws. Since we have so many years of experience with video surveillance Tampa, we know how to provide HIPPA-compliant videos when they are needed.  Also, Securiteam access control systems will keep controlled substances safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Reduce Utilities

Your Tampa Access Control security system from Securiteam can include lighting systems that are motion activated.  Your healthcare facility can reduce electricity usage by making sure lights go off in empty rooms and supply closets.

Emergency Situations

At Securiteam we know that hospitals can experience emergency situations.  Our plans help you get your staff and visitors out of the building safely and as quickly as possible.  We even have systems that allow you to lock down the entire hospital if there is a threat.

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