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Newport Residences is an incredible work of art and beauty

Oct 1

Newport Residences condo is an mixed-use building which includes serviced and residential units, as well as commercial and public spaces. The incentive plan claims that the new structure will provide 25% more gross floor area (GFA) as compared to the previous office structure. This means it will boast the total GFA which is around 655,000 sq ft, which amounts to 65 acres. The majority of the percentage is dedicated to offices and retail space, while an additional 35% is reserved for residential use and another 25% for serviced apartments.

Newport Residences is the most amazing work of art and beauty. It's a modern standard for those looking for urban tranquility and peace in outdoors.

Anson Road is home to the NewPort Residences Condo. The project includes a variety of brand new homes that are currently being built, with 250 homes set to be built over the next few years. City Development Limited has been operating for quite some time and has constructed beautiful homes since.

Let your brain relax and relax in spaces that provide different kinds of levels of comfort. Each space is designed to provide you with the most enjoyment whether you're taking a break, working or simply having fun.

Newport Tower is situated in its very own island inside Tanjong Pagar, in the southern part of Singapore's central region.

One of the most important selling characteristics for Newport Residences are:

  • It's located situated in Singapore's Central Business District.
  • Station MRT Tanjong Pgar can be found within walking distance.
  • Outram Park is located just a few minutes away from.
  • There are a number of shopping centers, such as 100 Am along with Tanjong Pagar, are within the reach of this stunning project.
  • Massive roads like Keppel as well as Anson routes connect the property to the area around the property.
  • The residents will be able to enjoy the modern and trendy look of the giant real estate firm CDL.
  • Cantonment primary school and Outram Secondary School are only two minutes' drive away from one another.
  • Singapore General Hospital located just seven minutes away from the city is home to the top health services.


Newport Residences property is situated within Tanjong Pagar, close to Tanjong Pagar MRT station and the Prince Edward MRT station that is located situated on the Circle Line.

The East-West Line as well as the Circle Line provide excellent connectivity to all regions in Singapore.


The property is near a variety of shopping centers which include 100 AM ICON Village, Amara Shopping Centre, Tanjong Pagar Plaza and Guoco Tower, which are just 5 minutes from the condo.


The Newport Residences number of preschools within the walking distance.

Super Preschool, 100AM Mulberry Learning Center in Tanjong Pagar LeClare Preschool and the new Modern Montessori Pinnacle MMI are a part of them.