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Stunner Slider Rechargeable 40 Million Volts

Jan 10

A tiny flashlight with a stun gun is called the SLIDER. A regular flash drive's size and appearance, but with a 40 million volt stopping power!

It measures 3 12 and is both small and robust "The SLIDER is a small and stealthy weapon that knocks down an attacker in a matter of seconds!

Simply move the thumb-switch forward to discharge 4.9 milliamps of electricity; upon release, the thumb-switch quickly retracts.

The Slider stun guns come in five colors, with a wrist strap, an LED spotlight, and are made of the highest quality aircraft aluminum.

Charger, charging cable, and wrist strap are all included with the SLIDER, which includes a mini-USB port for quick charging and is compatible with most mobile phone chargers.

There are several hues available.

It is around the size of a USB drive!
Rechargeable and 40,000,000 volts
- Comes with a charger and a built-in flashlight
- LIFETIME WARRANTY! - Wrist strap deactivation

A high-quality stun gun with several functions is the Slider Stun Gun

With its small size (3.5"x1"x0.5"), the Slider Stun Gun Flashlight Combo is perfect for personal protection when traveling "The slider stun gun is very small and portable. The 10 million volt stun feature is activated by a simple thumb slide switch, making it easy to operate.

Additionally included are a tiny USB connection for quick charging, a wrist strap, and an LED flashlight. Black, pink, blue, gold, and silver are just a few of the five different hues it comes in, so you may choose the one that best suits your personality.

Shipping in 1 or 2 days is not an option for this item.

Due to carrier restrictions and regional rules, the following places cannot receive this item:

Anywhere in the continental United States, including Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Chicago, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Connecticut, are all good choices.